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GMB Members Celebrate Employment Tribunal Win Of Over £300,000 Back Pay

GMB Union have secured over £300,000 for its members from Boston Borough Council. This accounts for 6 years under payment for Leisure Attendants at Boston Borough Council. The under payment was recognised when it came to light that Boston Borough Councilhad not paid the correct payments as per the National Agreement.

Andy Fletcher, GMB Regional Organiser speaking for GMB Members stated “obviously our members are extremely pleased to have secured this back payment without the need for an Employment Tribunal”. He further stated that “he appreciated the Authority’s wisdom in not contesting the claim and in paying the full amount to all our members that were entitled to receive it”.

The settlement follows on the back of GMBs successful Employment Tribunal against Boston Borough Councilat the beginning of the year where GMB claimed back pay for another group of workers within the Closed Circuit Television Room.

Andy Fletcher went on to state that GMB had made strenuous efforts to contact all its members who may be entitled to this payment to ensure that they did not miss this opportunity.

GMB wished to place on record its sincere thanks to all those involved in securing this settlement, in particular all GMB Shop Stewards at Boston Borough Counciland Cheryl Pidgeon who worked tirelessly to identify and ensure GMB members who were entitled to receive back pay, receive it. He said they were a credit to the Trade Union movement.


Contact: Andy Fletcher, GMB Regional Organiser on 07966 327984 or 01476 5989170

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