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GMB Delegation To Strasbourg For Services Directive Talks and Demo

A ten strong GMB delegation arrives in Strasburg to take part in a European wide demonstration on the Services Directive and to attend meetings with MEPs and European Officials tomorrow (Tuesday 14th February). This directive has given rise to wide spread opposition across Europe in particular because of the clause on the ‘country of origin’ which would allow workers from various parts of Europe working in the UK to be covered by the laws of their home states rather than UK law. GMB made a submission to the EU Commission which demonstrated that if this clause was in operation the construction of the new Wembley stadium would be covered by legislation from over ten countries and would be completely unworkable. (See There have been reports that the legislators are backtracking on proposals in the legislation as a result of pressure from their constituents.

Kathleen Walker Shaw GMB European Officer said" Trades unions in Europe have had to use people power to extract the teeth of this legislation tooth by tooth sector by sector. There is still some legislative "dentistry" to be done. This demonstration is part of that. We will not allow our hard won rights at work to be taken off us."

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