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Legal Advice - Call Centre

Dear Colleagues

I write to advise you of a new Legal Service open to all members and their families.

We originally provided legal assistance of up to 30 minutes with a solicitor on non-employment or personal injury matters through the Union Law Scheme. This Scheme is now not supported by a number of solicitors and therefore we are no longer confident about giving out telephone numbers.

I have therefore arranged with Thompsons Solicitors to provide access through their Call Centre. Members will now be able to ring the number and to get up to 30 minutes free legal advice on any matter with the exception of employment related issues, occupational pensions, taxation, financial advice.

Employment related legal advice will still be carried out through officers and Regional Solicitors.

The new service will commence from the 1st January 2005. The telephone number of the Call Centre is 0800 587 7526. I will in due course be issuing leaflets with the details of the service.

In addition to the above, AA members will be able to access the service from 1st January to complete TU56’s. I hope to extend this service to other members whose cases are dealt with by Rowley Ashworth or OH Parsons by the 1st February.

Finally, I can confirm that this service is in addition to the legal surgeries, and if members prefer direct contact then this service should be used.

If you have any queries in regard to this new service please do not hesitate to contact the Legal Department.

Yours sincerely

Richard Ascough
Regional Secretary

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