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GMB SafeGuard Campaign Launched


In the past 2 years 1,550 security staff working for just 35 companies out of 600+ companies have been injured on duty by violent attacks - some very seriously

GMB, the main union for security staff, today launch a new SafeGuard campaign in the House of Common to tackle the increasing number of attacks on security guards at work. GMB is asking all Britain’s security companies to sign the GMB SafeGuard Charter committing them to act to tackle the attacks on 350,000 licenced security staff in the course of their work.

GMB members who work as Security Officers launch this GMB SafeGuard campaign as a direct result of the increased abuse and violent attacks that they have seen, dealt with, or been subjected to in recent times. In the past 2 years 1,550 security staff working for just 35 companies out of 600+ companies have been injured on duty some very seriously. This number excludes a further 200 plus working in cash and valuables transit injured each year.

Jude Brimble, GMB National Officer said “Security officers understand there is a risk of violence in the work they carry out. What they do not accept is that violent attacks and abuse against the must simply be tolerated as ‘part of the job’. This GMB SafeGuard Charter aims to raise safety and industry standards, improve employment practices, and increase training and awareness across the industry. Security officers want the highly valuable and professional service that they deliver to be recognised and for the industry to adopt a high profile zero tolerance approach.”

The GMB SafeGuard Charter seeks to get clients, security companies, police and other agencies to agree these commitments:

  • For all to work together to reduce attacks across the industry.
  • To provide support and counselling for trauma and physical injuries.
  • To protect injured officers financially through sick pay and Injury on Duty schemes–no officer should suffer financial loss as a result of being attacked for simply doing their job.
  • To provide robust and high quality training in conflict management.
  • To establish an industry level Code of Practice that focuses on reducing risk to security officers.
  • To record and analyse data on attacks across the security industry, and to work with Police authorities to reduce the risk of crime and violent attacks.
  • To use technology to enhance safety and support for security officers.

Jude Brimble, GMB National Officer added “GMB members working as security guards want dignity as individuals, and respect for the professional job they do and this cannot be achieved unless security officers are valued and supported by these basic but important principles and practices.

GMB members say its time for employers and clients to work with GMB reduce violence against security officers, raise standards and put dignity, respect and zero tolerance at the heart of service delivery.”

Paul Kenny GMB General Secretary speaking at the launch added” Every attack is a crime against the person and the industry needs to send a clear message out that this will not be tolerated. Security officers provide vital services, but they need to know they will be protected and that the industry is seriously committed to improve safety standards and officers’ welfare.”

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, speaking in support of such a joined-up approach at the launch said “As the leading trade association representing the private security industry, the BSIA is continually striving to promote the importance of high standards within the industry. As such, we support the GMB in its work towards improving security officers’ terms and conditions.”

While attacks on security officers are often viewed as business crimes, it is important to remember that these are attacks on individuals which can have long-lasting physical and psychological affects. The BSIA is actively involved in work to reduce such crimes and supports any initiative which aims to reduce the risk of attack faced by security officers on a daily basis.”

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Contact: Jude Brimble, GMB National Officer on 07850 974 198 or GMB Press Office: Steve Pryle 07921 289880 or Rose Conroy 07974 251823. or BSIA Amanda Beesley on 0845 389 0755 or Kate Holland on 0845 389 0741


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