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GMB ‘Daniel Dennis Health & Safety Award’ To Preston Resident At GMB Annual Congress In Plymouth

Ellis Parker is the GMB Workplace Organiser at GSL Court Services, Preston

Preston resident Ellis Parker was today awarded the GMB Daniel Dennis Award for Health & Safety at GMB Congress in Plymouth in recognition of his outstanding Health & Safety work for the Union.

Ellis was up against stiff competition from GMB Health & Safety Representatives from all over the UK who had also made their workplaces safer for their work colleagues. Ellis averted the potential dismissal of two GMB members who refused to engage in work that they felt was harmful to them. This lead to a safer workplace for all employees at GSL Preston. Ellis also refused to run prison escort services with inadequate resources. He established monthly safety meetings with management where issues of bullying and harassment are also addressed.

Paul McCarthy, GMB Regional Secretary said, “I would like to thank Ellis for all his work looking after the day to day welfare of GMB members at his GLS site in Preston.

Ellis is one of the best GMB Workplace Organisers that GMB members are privileged to have. He helps to grow the Union too by identifying new workplace Organisers for his site.

Having raised the profile of GMB within the workplace through the use of health and safety issues even management encourage new GLS employees to join GMB. With the help of his regional officer membership has increased by 100% over the last five year.”


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